Moments are fleeting.  Life is about the people you meet and the things you create together.

Our children grow quickly.  My two boys have gone from tiny toddlers splashing bare-bottomed in the surf, to moody would-be teens, in what seems like the blink of an eye.  Capturing the essence of them along the journey has been a joy and I am passionate about doing the same for my clients.IMG_5638

It is the individuality, the beautiful light, the atmospheric buildings and the form of the natural environment that inspire me. Connecting with people is essential  and each shoot I get to know my clients and start to visualise what I want to create and how I’m going to achieve that vision.  Words, drawings and images are the tools I use from my ‘creative kitbag!’  I very much feel that I am an artist and that the medium I use is photography.

Every shoot is different.  Everyone is individual – light changes (often rapidly) and each location has its unique qualities…It’s a blend of people skills, photographic vision and experience behind the camera that comes together for me to work that magic of photography.

I am delighted to have received a Fellowship from the British Institute of Professional Photographers in Fine Art Photography.  This was for a personal project on Victoria Baths in Manchester, which have been closed to the public for over 20 years yet they speak of the Edwardian era and a well used, much loved building.  The images are for sale and I have produced a book, part of the sales proceeds go to the Trust which seeks to preserve and restore the baths.  You can see some of the images in the fine art portfolio section.

IMG_5595My love of photography was fuelled when I went travelling last century (!), taking my first ‘proper’ camera with me, I obsessed with understanding how it worked and practiced my craft in the amazing surroundings we found ourselves in.  Even now, when I see the framed prints on the
walls in our home I am transported back to the moment I pressed the shutter.  From the delicate tones of the Nepalese mountains at dawn, to the brilliant colours of the American National Parks and the characterful people we met along the way…And I still delight in the magic of photography.

The other things in life I love are having fun with my two boys, walking with our dog Monte and biscuits with my afternoon tea!

And I have to conclude with a huge thank you to my eldest son who took these images of me at our home in Surrey – I love them!